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Co-sleeping Image Archive

Please acknowledge the Infant Sleep Infomation Source website as the creator of this repository, and the photographer donating the image when using these photographs. Images are made available under a Creative Commons License and cannot be altered or used commercially. Click on each image below to download versions of different sizes.

Many depictions of bed-sharing/co-sleeping used in the media and advertising (and even respected medical journals) illustrate hazardous practices. All of the images here have been chosen to illustrate safer bed-sharing/co-sleeping arrangements. Most parents find that they might sometimes bring their baby into bed, and this is particularly common for breastfeeding mothers, so it is important for parents to be familiar with safer bed-sharing practices. One way to increase familiarity is to avoid using photos in the public domain that perpetuate scenarios known to be hazardous (such as babies sleeping with a parent on a sofa, on pillows, face down, or with heavy bed-coverings). Remember bed-sharing is associated with an increased chance of SIDS or accidents if you have taken drugs or alcohol, are a smoker, or have a premature baby.

Last modified: 13th April 2018