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Baby and Toddler Sleep Survey - Can You Help?

Can you help us gather information on the sleep of babies (and their care-givers) at different ages? If you have a baby or toddler under 24 months old, we’d love you to take part! There are different ways in which you can help, by telling us about your child’s sleep as it is right now, or by coming back every 2 weeks and telling us about how it changes over time. Whichever you are willing to do would be really helpful in helping us gain a broad picture of how normal infant sleep changes over time, and how care-givers are affected.

For more information, and to take part in the survey, please go to

(15 Jun 2013)

Response to new analysis of bed-sharing and SIDS: Carpenter et al (2013) in BMJ Open

This publication analyses SIDS-risks associated with bed-sharing under different circumstances using data from five historical SIDS studies. Unlike previous analyses of these data, this analysis includes data on feeding type. It promises, at last, to enable those of us working with parents and the staff who support them to be able to answer complicated but commonly asked questions about SIDS, and allow parents to make informed decisions about any potential risk associated with their personal and cultural infant care beliefs and behaviours...

To read our full commentary on this paper, please click here.

You can also click to read responses from UNICEF BFI; NCT ; La Leche League UK and the Lullaby Trust, and responses from others (Including the authors) at BMJ Open.

(21 May 2013)

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