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Negotiating Infant Sleep Conference 2016

Durham University's 4th Biannual Infant Sleep Conference 'Negotiating Infant Sleep' will be held April 11th 2016. Register online to hear new speakers plus Infant Sleep Info Staff present their latest research findings and discuss the latest infant sleep evidence.

Please see conference homepage for more information.

(15 Feb 2016)

Special offer on info sheets!

For a limited time we have info sheet pads available at special prices - download and complete your form here, and email back to take advantage!





(27 Nov 2015)

ISIS safe sleep photo competition!

ISIS is launching a competition to find the best pictures depicting normal, safer, parent-baby bed-sharing. The winning images will be included in an online resource provided free of charge.

If you would like to be involved, please download our flyer for more info.


The closing date for the competition is 13th November at 5pm.

(30 Oct 2015)

New (Free) Infant Sleep App from ISIS

The Infant Sleep Info App provides key information from the ISIS website in a handy format for mobile devices. Covering normal sleep development, sleep location and sleep safety the familiar info from the website is delivered in smaller chunks.

Download free from UK Apple Store (in other countries search for Infant Sleeplab and look for baby icon)

Two new features are exclusive to the app

  • A bed-sharing decision tool guides parents through the key considerations for safe bed-sharing, and explains when bed-sharing may be inadvisable and why.
  • A sleep log tool helps parents track their baby’s sleep, displaying this info on a chart depicting the range of normal sleep for infants of different ages to provide reassurance!

(30 Nov 2014)

Twin Infant Sleep video info now online

Video still

The Twins and Multiple Births Association (TAMBA) and Durham University Sleep Lab have collaborated to produce a series of videos on twin infant sleep and safety for parents with twin infants and their health-care providers.

Based on the latest research evidence from Durham's Sleep Lab and researchers around the world, the videos discuss what to expect from twin sleep patterns and the safest ways to sleep twin infants.

(4 Nov 2014)

Infant Sleep Info in Italian!

You can now download and print (free of charge!) Italian translations of all our information sheets courtesy of MAMI (Movimento Allattamento Materno Italiano). Versions in other languages coming soon!


(14 Aug 2014)

ISIS response to NICE consultation

Many thanks to all ISIS users who took the time to read the new NICE draft guidelines on cosleeping and SIDS, and to respond to our request for feedback. We have now submitted a stakeholder response form summarising the views of ISIS users and the ISIS team.If you wish to read the ISIS response you can see it by following this link. [ISIS response to NICE draft update]

(31 Jul 2014)

Baby and Toddler Sleep Survey - Can You Help?

Can you help us gather information on the sleep of babies (and their care-givers) at different ages? If you have a baby or toddler under 24 months old, we’d love you to take part! There are different ways in which you can help, by telling us about your child’s sleep as it is right now, or by coming back every 2 weeks and telling us about how it changes over time. Whichever you are willing to do would be really helpful in helping us gain a broad picture of how normal infant sleep changes over time, and how care-givers are affected.

For more information, and to take part in the survey, please go to

(15 Jun 2013)

Response to new analysis of bed-sharing and SIDS: Carpenter et al (2013) in BMJ Open

This publication analyses SIDS-risks associated with bed-sharing under different circumstances using data from five historical SIDS studies. Unlike previous analyses of these data, this analysis includes data on feeding type. It promises, at last, to enable those of us working with parents and the staff who support them to be able to answer complicated but commonly asked questions about SIDS, and allow parents to make informed decisions about any potential risk associated with their personal and cultural infant care beliefs and behaviours...

To read our full commentary on this paper, please click here.

You can also click to read responses from UNICEF BFI; NCT ; La Leche League UK and the Lullaby Trust, and responses from others (Including the authors) at BMJ Open.

(21 May 2013)

New Sleep Lab Project: Now Recruiting!

Would YOU like to take part in some mum and baby sleep research?

Durham University Parent-Infant Sleep Lab researchers are inviting parents to take part in a sleep study looking at how mums and babies behave during the night when using bed-side cots.

Would YOU like to take part in some mum and baby sleep research?

Durham University Parent-Infant Sleep Lab researchers are inviting parents to take part in a sleep study looking at how mums and babies behave during the night when using bed-side cots.

Bedside cots (also known as clip-on or side-car cribs) are used in some hospital maternity wards. Some versions can now be bought for use at home. We have researched these cots being used in hospitals, and would like to find out what happens when they are used at home.

In this study we will use night-time video to record how mums and babies sleep and behave while using a bedside cot during an overnight stay in the Sleep Lab. Our Sleep Lab is designed like a comfortable hotel room with a sitting area, en-suite bathroom and small kitchen.

We need mums with babies aged under 5 months (20 weeks) willing to take part in this study. Dads are welcome too if they wish to join in, but they don’t have to.

What will we do? We will video you and your baby sleeping for one night in our Sleep Lab using the bed-side cot. As this study aims only to find out how bedside cots are used, no other monitoring will be used. You will arrive in the evening and leave in the morning (we will give you some breakfast).

As a thank you gift for taking part in an overnight study we can offer you a £20 high street gift voucher.

See our Lab webpages for more information about the Parent-Infant Sleep Lab or email us at for more information.

(23 Jan 2013)

Daytime sleep and sling use

A new ISIS page and pdf is now available on the use of slings for day-time sleep. Check out this and our other free downloadable pdfs here.


(26 Oct 2012)

Infant Sleep Info Sheets now available

In response to popular demand for printable pdfs of information on the site to facilitate sharing, we are pleased to announce the first 3 of these are now available:

  • Normal infant sleep
  • Where babies sleep
  • Bedsharing and infant safety

(1 Jun 2012)

Sleep, Infancy & Mothering Conference

Durham University will be holding another Infancy and Mothering Conference, this year on the topic of Infant Sleep on June 14th 2012. Come along to hear our great speakers, and find out more about ISIS too!Please share with all interested friends and colleagues. Early-bird registration fees available until April 19th. See links below for programme and registration details.

(28 Mar 2012)

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