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New NICE guidance on SIDS and co-sleeping

New guidance for health professionals released 3/12/14 from NICE on co-sleeping and SIDS.

The ISIS team are pleased that in their new guidance NICE have downgraded the relationship between co-sleeping and SIDS from a 'risk' to an 'association' to reflect the lack of clear evidence that co-sleeping causes SIDS. 

The headline message is that parents should be empowered to make their own decisions about cosleeping. Health professionals should recognise parents and babies cosleep for a range of reasons -- some planned and some unintentional -- and should discuss the pros and cons with each family in light of their particular circumstances (see link below).

It is important to note that today's guidance update does not differentiate between different cosleeping locations or infant feeding type due to insufficient studies that separated out these factors, therefore the overall 'association' results from both bed-sharing and sofa/chair co-sleeping combined.

We are particularly pleased NICE have not endorsed a 'never bed-share' message.
Resources for health professionals, and training materials will soon be available on the NICE implementation website: we have submitted some of our materials for evaluation.
The ISIS website will be updated to incorporate the new NICE guidance by early 2015, and some information sheets will be revised.
Last modified: 13th April 2018