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Welcome to ISIS!

ISIS provides information about normal infant sleep based upon the latest UK and world-wide research. 

ISIS is a collaboration between Durham University Parent-Infant Sleep Lab, La Leche League, NCT, and UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative, funded by a grant from the ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council).

This website is about normal infant sleep. We use 'normal' to mean 'what is biologically expected for humans'.  Our starting point is that sleep is a biological need. We present information about what is biologically normal for human babies. We also discuss how this may vary due to different cultural behaviours and expectations such as what babies are fed, where they sleep, and how societies interpret their needs.

This information is for:

  • parents who wish to make informed choices about infant sleep and night-time care,
  • health professionals who wish to share evidence-based information with parents about infant sleep.

Links on this home-page lead to information summaries for Parents (links in the side-bar are in purple text). Links on the pages under 'Health Professionals' lead to detailed information on the same topics (in this section side-bar links are in blue text). Wherever you see a  click for information about research studies, definitions of terms, and links to other pages on ISIS or on external sites. To return to this page from anywhere on the site click 'Home' or the ISIS logo at top left.

ISIS does not address clinical sleep problems or provide individual sleep advice and parents should contact a health professional with any concerns about their baby's health. For information about the organisations and funding that support ISIS please see 'About Us'.

Baby and Toddler Sleep Survey - Can You Help?

Can you help us gather information on the sleep of babies (and their care-givers) at different ages? If you have a baby or toddler under 24 months old, we’d love you to take part! There are different ways in which you can help, by telling us about your child’s sleep as it is right now, or by coming back every 2 weeks and telling us about how it changes over time. Whichever you are willing to do would be really helpful in helping us gain a broad picture of how normal infant sleep changes over time, and how care-givers are affected.

For more information, and to take part in the survey, please go to

Read more
Last modified: 30th August 2013