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While a vast amount of research has been done concerning the sleep of single babies, much less has focussed on multiples. Here we summarise the research which has been done. Whilst Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is extremely rare, the rate is two- to four-times higher in twins, compared to singleton babies. This is likely to be because many more twins are born premature and/or at a low birth weight; factors which are associated with increased SIDS risk in all babies. It is important that parents are aware of how the sleep environment of twins can affect SIDS risk, as well as its effect on babies' sleep, and ease of night-time care.

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Professor Ball appointed as Chair, Scientific Committee, Lullaby Trust

Professor Helen Ball has accepted the Honorary position as Chair of the Lullaby Trust's Scientific Commiittee for the next 3 years. This role will involve proposing and implementing the Trust's 10-year Research Strategy, Chairing meetings of the Scientific Committee (which includes the awarding of research funding) and representing the Lullaby Trust at International Scientific Meetings.

(10 Oct 2016)

Last modified: 15th December 2016